Swimming with the Razorfishes

Monday, September 25, 2006

"[Aperture] now features a new open library system that allows photographers to store image files wherever they want -- either within the Aperture library itself, or in other disk locations, including external hard drives, CDs or DVDs. Aperture can now generate high-resolution previews of each image so that users can review, rate and organize images as well as perform slideshows -- even when the master images are offline. The previews, which can be generated at a range of size and quality levels, allow photographers to keep their original images safely stored on a desktop system at home or in the studio, while still being able to take a compact version of their entire photographic library on the road using a MacBook or MacBook Pro."

This "offline library" function makes Aperture vastly more useful to me. It makes me think about moving from Bridge to Aperture for basic organization.

Even so, I was really hoping that Apple would announce new MacBook Pros with Core 2 Duo processors.


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