Swimming with the Razorfishes

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I think I want to go see this exhibition at the Andre Schlechtriem Gallery simply because it sounds so preposterous:

"This exhibition will include 58-framed photographs, entitled Brown, each an image of a unique collage which the artist destroyed prior to the exhibition. There will also be 7 sculptures on display. Two bronze sculptures entitled Vertikales Erdarmloch (literally `vertical earth arm hole'). These works are casts of the negative space of a hole in the ground which the artist had had his arm within. The end result is a rough vertical form with a hidden negative space of the artist's outstretched arm within it. Also on display are 5 untitled sculptures made of steel which depict tree's littered with nooses, each tree capped with a heavy steel plate. Several of these works are displayed on the crates they were shipped in."


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