Swimming with the Razorfishes

Sunday, June 08, 2008


The June 9 issue of The New Yorker has a great article about Buckminster Fuller. I had no idea he was such a freak.

Choice quote:

"Fuller championed, and for many years adhered to, a dietary regimen that consisted exclusively of prunes, tea, steak, and Jell-O."


  • Given how amazingly diverse and unusual people tend to be, it seems very surprising to read about someone looking at another as a "freak" instead of embracing their uniqueness and individuality. Do you really think that if we all dressed the same, ate the same, and thought the same that the world would be a better place?

    By Blogger cjfsyntropy, at 12:01 AM  

  • Some of us think "freaky" is a good thing. And some people, like you, have apparently not gotten over high school taunting.

    By Blogger Eric Hancock, at 7:21 AM  

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