Swimming with the Razorfishes

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I like to keep up on what conservatives are thinking. There are lots of rational, thoughtful conservatives out there. And some not so much. On the Powerline blog, Scott Johnson commented on the "tea party" silliness that has come to be ridiculed as "tea bagging" in some circles.

Scott first shows his sexual naiveté by admitting that he didn't know what tea bagging was. His boring sex life aside, Scott then comes to an interesting conclusion.

The problem isn't that conservatives are, once again, fixating on something stupid while the country is facing some huge problems. Scott identifies the problem as, of course, the gays.

"There is something funny going on here, if not exactly where Cooper, Maddow and Sullivan find it. Cooper is widely reputed to be homosexual. Maddow and Sullivan are of course public homosexuals. It is funny in an ironic sort of way that these folks choose to disparage the tea party protestors from somewhere deep inside the homosexual subculture. "

Several things about his blog sadden me:

  • By saying "public homosexual," Scott shows us that he thinks that sexuality is something to be hidden, something shameful.

  • He seems to think that only gays would, you know, touch testicles.

  • He can't see that Dick Armey's absurd tea parties aren't a serious attempt at anything and that they deserve any more than ridicule.


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