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Friday, July 30, 2004


Thursday, July 29, 2004

I'm not sure, but I think this is serious.

[via vowe.net]

Clay Shirky: A dozen things I think I know about working in groups.

Jeff Maurone, Microsoft intern, on having dinner with Bill Gates.

Strongbad in jail.

"The forums are ablaze with vitriolic rage. Haters pan the device for being less powerful than a Cray X1 while zealots counter that it is both smaller and lighter than a Buick Regal. The virtual slap-fight goes on and on, until obscure technical nuances like, “Will it play multiplexed Ogg Vorbis streams?” become matters of life and death."

From The Apple Product Cycle. Brilliant.


Also, when did every reporter's favorite term become "red meat?" Must they all adopt each other's asinine insider jargon?

"If you mussed up the hair a bit, these five women onstage could be one of those late-'90s girl-power bands, Sleater-Kinney maybe, the kind that rock out and look hip and also hate Bush. Or maybe a theater production of "Sex and the City," each girl representing an exaggerated female type: There's Vanessa Kerry, the one with the luminous skin and regal nose who's clearly the leader. Her sister, Alexandra, the reserved artistic type who's trying to hide although she's the tallest. Young, raven-haired Cate Edwards just making her debut. And the Gore girls, Karenna and Kristin, the beautiful brainiacs who are now blissfully private citizens." [via The Washington Post]

I'm glad nothing really newsworthy is going on, so that we can concentrate on this kind of fluff.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Via Dave Pollard, I just read this rather chilling story about a plan in the U.K. to vaccinate "at risk" babies with an "anti-junkie" vaccine.

The drug, name not mentioned in the story, is apparently intended to block the euphoric effect of narcotics.

I'm not terribly excited by the prospect of a government inoculating its citizens against pleasure.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Apple announced support for iTunes-downloaded songs on "next-generation" Motorola handsets. This is interesting; Motorola may be the first FairPlay licensee.

I'm not sure what a "next-generation" handset is. I just got a v600; I wonder if I'll be able to play iTunes on it?