Swimming with the Razorfishes

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Flangy turned me on to the fact that BeanShell has been submitted to the JCP as a standard. I'm really happy about this. BeanShell is a simple, easy to use scripting tool built around Java, exposing Java's APIs to non-compiled applications.

This is a good thing; it should be part of the standard stack.

"I know this may not sound politically correct, but as someone who has abused and tormented employees and underlings for years, I am dismayed by all of this yammering directed at John Bolton. Let's face it, the people who are screaming the loudest at Bolton have never been a boss and have no idea what it’s like to deal with nitwits as dumb as themselves all day long."

Larry David is the best.

Throw paper.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Hedge in Provincetown
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Provincetown, Ma.

Mac Geekery has a nice little introduction to launchd, on of the more interesting back-end changes made to MacOS X 10.4.

Tomorrow (Saturday 5/28) is Bike Fetish Day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Thursday, May 26, 2005


Pine Cones in Provincetown
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Provincetown, Ma.

What kind of a crazy word is "cake?"

Say it: cake.

Listen to how it sounds. Crazy!

DNC, Jackson to Pay $200,000 in Fines.

Galloway plans a U.S. speaking tour.

"At first, I thought he was a die-hard Star Wars fan trying to impress us with his costume. But we were shocked when he showed us his private-parts"

I keep hearing people in Congress lamenting about the price of gasoline. Urging for the passage of this or that bit of energy legislation.

Oil is expensive because we are running out of it.

So many of the people crying about the price of gas are "free market" advocates. Why is it so difficult for free market people to understand that scarcity makes things more costly?

Patryk Rebisz shot the film Between You and Me entirely on a still camera (a canon 20D). Cool stuff.

[via nyc.photobloggers.org]

"The vision of where podcasting is going is still something, or what its potential is, is something that lives inside of me, not inside of him. He's not the visionary. He's not. He's a disc jockey."

Good God.

NY Times: Young Bolivians Adopt Urban U.S. Pose

I wish we could use a better term than "urban" to describe all of this. I live in an urban area, but I don't "strike the pose of urban America, hand signs, cocky talk."

Well, I do sometimes talk about cocky, but I don't think this is what The Times meant.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Congratulations to Liverpool, champions of Europe. A really shocking, exciting game.


Bikes in Provincetown
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Provincetown, Ma.

Is Netscape 8 not being released for MacOS?

Flickr has a photos-only policy. Bastards! Indignation! Rage! What about the first amendment!?!

I'm glad nothing else is going on in the world. It is nice to get all riled up about things that really matter.

Time Away:

I'll be in Italy from 5/31 through 6/8. Rome / Florence / Venice. Any suggestions regarding things to see or places to eat are welcome.

Also, It looks like I'll be in San Francisco from 6/26 through 7/1. This time I'm trying to avoid spending time in jail. Suggestion welcome.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I can't stop watching.

'These “rules of the game” permit Washington officials to set the agenda for journalism, leaving the press all too often simply to recount what officials say instead of subjecting their words and deeds to critical scrutiny. Instead of acting as filters for readers and viewers, sifting the truth from the propaganda, reporters and anchors attentively transcribe both sides of the spin invariably failing to provide context, background or any sense of which claims hold up and which are misleading.'

Hufu™ is designed to resemble, as humanly possible, the taste and texture of human flesh. If you've never had human flesh before, think of the taste and texture of beef, except a little sweeter in taste and a little softer in texture. Contrary to popular belief, people do not taste like pork or chicken.

Hufu™ was originally conceived of as a product for students of anthropology hungry for the experience of cannibalism but deterred by the legal and logistical obstacles. However, our preliminary market research revealed the existence of a larger segment of the public that was interested in the availability of a legal and healthy human flesh substitute. We also found that HufuTM is a great product for cannibals who want to quit

"Scientists say they have located the parts of the brain that comprehend sarcasm."

I had Mexican food last night, in Hoboken, NJ, and it was so surprisingly good, I'm craving it right now.


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Provincetown, Ma.

Google Maps is so much fun.

"The media is an industry; but their business is not to report news. The industry needs a captive audience to beat the bottom line. The product is advertisement."

Monday, May 23, 2005

Spent the weekend in Provincetown, MA. Good fun, too short.


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