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Saturday, September 23, 2006



Friday, September 22, 2006


"We should look at ourselves through our own eyes and not other people’s eyes"

Noam Chomsky's reaction to praise lavished on him by Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.


Apple released driver updates for both Intel and PowerPC 802.11x drivers. No clear information confirming or denying the vulnerability that was "announced" last month without any proof (i.e code).

Lets see what Daring Fireball has to say.

Thursday, September 21, 2006




"Programming in different languages is like composing pieces in different keys, particularly if you work at the keyboard. If you have learned or written pieces in many keys, each key will have its own special emotional aura. Also, certain kinds of figurations "lie in the hand" in one key but are awkward in another. So you are channeled by your choice of key. In some ways, even enharmonic keys, such as C-sharp and D-flat, are quite distinct in feeling. This shows how a notational system can play a significant role in shaping the final product."

Andrea Mohin, staff photographer at The New York Times, has a nice multimedia presentation in the Times' Lens section.


From Craig's List San Francisco:

I'll Fix Your Computer if You Let Me Feel Your Boobs - 26 (haight ashbury)

Cute/nice IT guy/PC specialist will fix your computer in exchange for a gentle feel of your boobs. I'm a totally non-creepy (really) professional who will repair your hard drive, back up files, install software and peripherals, whatever, for an innocent grope.

I'm afraid that making such a request clearly demonstrates that you are, indeed, creepy.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm watching the American Masters documentary of Andy Warhol. At one point, art dealer Irving Blum is describing the value of the set of 32 Campbell's Soup Can paintings that Blum owned and later sold to the Museum Of Modern Art.

One of the first people to recognize the importance of Warhol's art, Blum gave Warhol his first big show, in which the soup cans were featured.

In doing describing the paintings' value, he does so entirely in terms of monetary value. I'm not sure why I'm surprised that an art dealer would value art primarily in terms of money, but it kind of makes me sad.




My fortune cookie said, "If you think no one cares if you are alive, try missing a few car payments."

It seems that Joel didn't like the phone.

I certainly agree with this observation:

"Turn on the phone. Go into the MP3 player again. There’s no signal, and, guess what? You can’t get into to the MP3 player unless you can establish a network connection to the Sprint Music Store. Even to play your own MP3s!

OK, so this is an MP3 player that doesn’t really work on the subway and won’t work on a plane, the two places I’m most likely to listen to MP3s. Not very appealing."

I'm surprised by how many phones still make this mistake. On my last phone, I couldn't even see what time it was if I had no signal. That is just dumb.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006



Monday, September 18, 2006



The Morgan is opening its exhibit, Bob Dylan's American Journey, on the 29th. This is cool for two reasons.

  • I'm a big Dylan fan
  • I haven't been to the Morgan Library since its giant expansion.


I was checking out Washington D.C. real estate last night, as I chatted with a friend about why the D.C. schools are so bad, despite the enormous amount of money spent on them.

I came across Betty Sharper's real estate web site. Proudly displayed, center page, is a lovely photo of the Capitol Buil...but wait:

I wonder if Ms. Sharper went to school in D.C.?

Sunday, September 17, 2006