Swimming with the Razorfishes

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Uh...would it be possible for you Canadians to stop using so much common sense? You are making us look bad.


Friday, April 09, 2004

Luminous Landscape is running a good three-part review of Leica's Digilux 2 camera [1, 2, 3]. Good stuff.

I hope they get their hands on an Epson RD-1.

I took a little nap from seven to nine this evening. I hope I get to sleep at some point tonight.

Thank you Mac-Heads. I checked out all the Ogg players, and am now happily using VLC.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Well, I did it. I now own four 802.11b cards that don't work with Linux. Or maybe they just don't work with SuSe. Regardless, four little paperweights.

I have to find a prism-based card for my little laptop.

Does anyone need a WiFi card?

I'm off to buy an 802.11b card for my PC laptop. Lets see if I can avoid purchasing the third card in a row that are unsupported under Linux.

Hey, Mac-heads. I need some MacOS X software to play Ogg Vorbis stuff. Any suggestions?

Making music with sndrec32.exe and stock Windows sounds. Really cool stuff.

[via bdu]

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Here is my synopsis of Fox's 24 (if you aren't in the US, and can't see this show, count yourself lucky)

- Good God, there is a nuclear weapon in downtown LA!

- Only Jack can save us!

- Jack, find and defuse that bomb at all costs!

- [Jack, to president, on a cell phone] Mr. President, I have found the bomb, but there is a problem: your wife is involved...

- A traitor in the White House!

- A traitor in CTU!

- Jack Bower is a traitor, and must be killed!

- Everyone: find Jack Bower and kill him at all costs!

- [Jack, to CTU, on a cell phone] I can't tell you where I am, but I have found the traitor. I have recorded his voice on {a cell phone | a laptop | a futuristic spy device | a hitachi magic wand vibrator}, but it is smashed and I need CTU's help to retrieve the recording.

- I have found the nuclear weapon, but due to excessively cruel torture, my heart has stopped. I must rest.

- [15 minutes later] I have found the nuclear weapon, and I'm loading it into a small aircraft I happen to have handy.

- I'm flying the aircraft to the desert, I will detonate the nuclear weapon away from civilization.

- We're saved!

- I have jumped from the aircraft at an exceedingly low altitude and survived a nuclear blast in close proximity. I am injured, and must rest.

- [15 minutes later, on the phone with CTU] Jack, the bad guys now have a deadly virus, and will release it into LA, killing everyone.

- We're doomed!

- [Jack, on the phone with CTU]I have found the terrorist's base, and evidence of the virus, but they are gone. I believe they have eaten something containing onions today; can you find them in the NSA database?

- [10 minutes later, on the phone with CTU]Jack, only ten people in a two mile radius of your location have eaten onions today, but there is a twist: they have your daughter!
- Jack's daughter has been kidnapped!

- Jack's daughter is a traitor!

- We're doomed!

The ultra-deadly virus is in the hands of Jack's arch-nemesis / former love interest -- drats!

- We're doomed!

- Jack has tricked his arch-nemesis / former love interest and recovered the ultra-deadly virus!

- We're saved!

- [Jack, to president, on a cell phone] Mr. President, I have found the virus, but there is a problem: your chief of staff is involved...

- A traitor in the White House!

- A traitor in CTU!

- Everyone: find Jack Bower and kill him at all costs!


Jeremy Zawondy, switcher.

Big news: No Code is back. He rocks. We should all read him.

Yikes. That is one scary subwoofer.

[via Slashdot]

"For years, the GAO has been trying to explain in kindergarten-simple terms to the Pentagon that you should make something and test it before you buy it. But year after year, the process goes on. And the situation is getting worse[.]"

[via Wired]

Monday, April 05, 2004

Is it possible that I own the domain FLAMINGPOOP.COM?

I certainly don't remember that.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

"You're gonna pimp my ride?"

Music lovers north of the border can swap songs online without fear of breaking the law, thanks to a Canadian court decision this week.

A Federal Court judge ruled Wednesday that downloading songs for personal use or having files available on a computer connected to the Internet doesn't violate copyright laws.

[via the Christian Science Monitor]