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Friday, January 30, 2004

Just added to the iTunes Music Store: Live Wires - Yellowjackets

Live Wires

Release Date: March 17, 1992
Total Songs: 10
Genre: Jazz
Price: $9.90
Copyright 1992 GRP Records

Yellowjackets are one of my guilty musical pleasures, but I'll never admit to liking them. They are really tight, and this is a good live album.

This rocks. Some guy doing the Super Mario Brothers music on a piano. I'm not sure why I like this so much.

[via readme.blog]

Thursday, January 29, 2004


Wednesday, January 28, 2004


idiot burglars

I'm not sure what this team's theme was. I like to think of them as HAZMAT equipped burglars.

And just because I like the symmetry of it, here is a bonus photo.

idiot burglars

What a wonderful country I live in, where we celebrate five people in bad costumes running from Brooklyn to Manhattan on a bitter cold day.

Asshole, asshole! Bullshit on you, asshole lawyer!

Java.net: "A Dozen Ways to Get the Testing Bug in the New Year"

One of my work resolutions for the year is to become a better unit-tester.

MacJams: MIDI Basics for Apple Garage Band users.

Nikon has "pre announced" the D70, a $1000 digital SLR intended to compete with the Canon (300D) Digital Rebel and, to an extent, the 10D.

By specs alone, the D70 has some interesting features:

  • A true 1% spot meter, in addition to standard matrix metering.
  • It weighs 1.5lb (versus the 10D's 1.7lb)

These are in addition to Nikon's generally high-quality camera specs.

Interesting things that may count against it:

  • Its lowest ISO setting is 200.
  • Only a 1.8" LCD
  • When shooting RAW (NEF), its buffer only holds 4 shots.
  • USB 1.1
  • It weighs 1.5lb, versus the 300D's 1.2lb
  • Still not a full-frame sensor (1.5x crop)

Overall, it looks like a fantastic camera (by the specs). Only testing will tell what its picture quality is. The D100 shares the D70's lower-end of ISO 200; I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm also not sure why one would buy Nikon's D100 once the D70 hits the market. Maybe someone with sharper eye and an investment in Nikon gear can fill me in.

It isn't clear whether the D70 will compete with the 300D, or whether it will put pressure on Canon to lower the 10D's price. If I had to guess, however, Canon will be rolling out updates to the DSLR line soon, updates that will bring increased features and higher resolution.

I've received some feedback questioning my ability to score a Mentos commercial. I'm deeply wounded by the implication that Metos ads are too haute for my meager skills, so please help me out by taking the following poll. How much booty moving does my latest Garage Band clip cause?

  • None: No discernible booty movement
  • Slight: Barely discernible booty movement, possibly accompanied by side-to-side head movement
  • Moderate: Noticeable booy movement accompanied by head nodding, finger tapping, and humming
  • Heavy: Audible hoots and hollers accompanied the booty movement and finger tapping
  • Severe: It's like an MC Hammer video in here! Stop me before I get my parachute pants.

If the above categories don't quite fit, feel free to write in an alternate answer.

Playing around with Garage Band again this evening. But tonight, inspiration struck. I think I can make a name for myself with this music software.

Tonight I created music for a commercial.

But not any old commercial. Tonight I created the sound track for an upcoming Mentos commercial of epic length. [The song is 1:30, so the commercial would have to be at least that long.]

"Is there an epic-length Mentos commercial in the works?" you might be asking.

God dammit don't try to suppress my creative urge!

I'm visualizing the commercial as "Mentos meets Cirque du Soleil." We can call it "Varetos!" or "Mentokai!" We'll have to create elaborate costumes and devise an intricate lighting scheme.

But, I'm sure you want a taste of the commercial. Here, without further ado, the sound track to Varetos! (or Mentokai!), working title "Booty Move."

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Monday, January 26, 2004

Thoughts on tonight's Black and White class (because you know you can't get enough of my incisive, perceptive commentary):

  • Do I really care about the instructor's darkroom technique if she calls the Zone system "exposure for geeks who like numbers?"
  • Should one really go out and buy an R9 and a 50mm Summilux if you don't know which end of the aperture scale lets in more light?
  • Maybe, just maybe, if you are a guy, don't come to the first class decked out with quite so much turquoise jewelry. First impressions matter.

Just a few thoughts.



I think all of this weeks pictures will come from the Idiotarod, run this past weekend.

This shopping cart was certainly the most artistic, and possibly the most elaborate.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Rember, this man controls a large nuclear arsenal.

  • THE PRESIDENT: Ribs? Good. Let's order up some ribs.
  • Q What do you think of the democratic field, sir?
  • THE PRESIDENT: See, his job is to ask questions, he thinks my job is to answer every question he asks. I'm here to help this restaurant by buying some food. Terry, would you like something?
  • Q An answer.
  • Q Can we buy some questions?
  • THE PRESIDENT: Obviously these people -- they make a lot of money and they're not going to spend much. I'm not saying they're overpaid, they're just not spending any money.
  • Q Do you think it's all going to come down to national security, sir, this election?
  • THE PRESIDENT: One of the things David does, he asks a lot of questions, and they're good, generally.

Sshhh! Everyone quiet. The Simpsons episode with Thomas Pynchon is coming on.

Via Cox Crow, under the title "We're from the Government. We're Here to Help:"

  • infinite copyright
  • Free Speech Zones
  • <strike>Alien and Sedition Acts</strike> USA PATRIOT Act
  • taxes for thee, but not for me
  • Empire
  • content vs. carriers
  • the analog hole
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • all you fascists
  • the <strike>Reichstag</strike> World Trade Center
  • What? Me? Worry?

Holy crap. Apple's iTunes music store generates RSS feeds of new releases. Subscribed.

[Thanks to Scoble for pointing this out]

"If you're going to say to me that Voice over IP is something that needs regulation, then you're going to have to explain to me why e-mail isn't also, or streaming video or instant messaging is not also." [Michael Powell, FCC Chairman]

Good analogy. Except that some day people will be using VOIP phones to place 911 phone calls. I'd hate to see people die because Time Warner had some kind of contract dispute with my local EMS system regarding something stupid.

If we are going to build infrastructure, why not think it through a little from a point of view other than those of the providers, who are most concerned with maximizing profit?


Possible Captions:

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but I don't care what they are wearing in France. This giant N bag will never catch on here."

"Mom, when I said I had 'to get the N,' I was talking about the N Train. Now what will I do with this thing?"

"Step one: collect all the letters


Step three: Profit!"