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Friday, April 15, 2005


No One
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MacOS X 10.3.9 is finally out...

TechRepublic: Six ways to shoot yourself in the foot during an IT job interview (PDF, registration required)

Pretty standard things, like "talking tech to non-technies," "allowing electronic interruptions," or "neglecting to send a follow-up thank you letter."

These are all obvious. I'd like to add a few others to the list of potential tech-interview screw-ups:

  • Smell bad -- You should not arrive at the interview smelling of perspiration, curry, fried food, excessive perfume or cologne, or diesel fuel. If first impressions count, make sure your odor isn't an issue.
  • The Cold Fish -- Learn how to shake hands, people.
  • Don't speak -- We aren't hiring you for your pretty face, darling. You must come to the interview prepared to speak. If you mumble your way through the first few questions, you'll quickly shuffle back through the front door.
  • Don't stop speaking -- If this isn't your first interview, you may have noticed that the general format is question / answer, and so on. The question part is where you don't talk.
  • Lie -- if you stack your resume with things you haven't done, or haven't done well, it will be obvious. People who do interviews for technical positions often have chips on their shoulders: if they see their pet technology on your resume, they will grill you on its most minute details. They may grill you even if don't list the technology on your resume. It is a lot like a thesis defense in that respect. If you are lying, it will be obvious.
  • Do the Dale Carnegie -- You are interviewing for a technical position. Unless you are interviewing with morons, your sparking personality and powers of persuasion will only get you so far. Be prepared to answer some of the questions correctly.

The way around this, of course, is to know someone. If you are the CIO's buddy, you can be the most moronic, unqualified, fraud in the industry, you'll probably still get that management position.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This site is linking to a photo I took. I only mention it hoping that someone who reads Arabic can tell me what the site is about. I'm guessing it is Arabic. Could be Farsi. I wouldn't know the difference. Also because the site has some funky background music.

Someone hates Microsoft's typeface Arial so much, they have written a flash animation that allows you to crush it with Helvetica.

I can't imagine feeling this way about a typeface.


Too Much Coffee
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Wow. I've never seen a shot like this, ever.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Flatulina? I don't know which is better: the site, or the Google ads.

CNN to open its fee-only video content?

Tom Ridge, former Homeland Security Secretary, is now working for Savi Technology. Savi Technology is an RFID vendor. The US government is considering putting RFID chips in passports.


David Duffield, former CEO of PeopleSoft is using some of money he made in Oracle's takeover of his company to create The Safety Net Fund:

The shock we all felt late last year has diminished somewhat, and I know some of you have found new jobs and are adjusting to new routines. Many of you have taken advantage of the available out-placement services and are relying on severance packages and unemployment benefits as you job hunt.

There will be a small number of people who will have difficulty finding jobs. It’s to you that this program, The Safety Net, is dedicated. The Safety Net will make cash gifts to people who demonstrate a serious need. The gift is intended as a "bridge" to help you through a tough time. Please be assured that all transactions with The Safety Net will be kept strictly confidential.

Wow. This is what a CEO does.